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[21 Feb 2013|04:08pm]

bulimia is taking over my life, anyone else going through this as well? :/
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Hi Everyone [18 Feb 2013|09:50pm]

[ mood | restless ]

I'm new to this community, as well, seems like almost everyone is!. I used to be apart of the old Mia page a while back, not sure if this related to it, but I miss that ole page!. I've been mia on and off for about 10 years or so now, more so when I was back in high school for a good yr or two. Got down to a good weight, was feeling good about myself, than kinda gave in and gained all the weight back.
Now, after 3 yrs, having kids, and stress, and just life in general, the weight has been slowly gaining and gaining, and it's been hard for me to purge after I eat, and I hate it!. I've gained so much weight, I hate it, literally. It's a constant thing day in and day out. I wish I could sometimes just, cut the weight off and be happy!. Sounds pretty bad I know, but I wish I had the gumption as I did back in high school to be constant like I used to be. I need to do something, soon, and quick, before I fall back into the way I used to be. I need help getting back into the swing of things, I need help to learn quick tricks that I don't know of. I need the... inspriation to get into it again, to feel good about myself, not only for me, but for my boyfriend, and for my family. For me to feel a hell of a lot better about myself, and to be happy.
When I was on it day in and day out, purgeing after everything I ate, barely ate anything at all except dinner, which was small portions, and than threw that up. Drank water all day, if I got too hungry, I popped a peice of gum in my mouth, and it suficed, or I made it sufice. Popping weight loss pills like it was candy, I had friends who were in the same boat as me, I had the inspriation, and I was able to do it, and had people to talk to, to courage me on when I needed it.
Was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat as I am, I need that again, or I don't know what I'm gonna go. Like I said, if I can loose about 50 pounds, I'll be set!. Hopefully I'll be able to get that gumption back that I lost some how, or anyone else feel the same way as I, please feel free to write me, and I'm hoping we'll see more and more people on here, we need it!.

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[01 Feb 2013|12:15am]

I've been Bulimic on and off for five years. I'm exhausted and part of me just wants everything to end. I'm so determined to...be sick, I don't know. I like being sick, it's almost become a conscious thought now rather than an unconscious one. I like being cold, I like being weak and dizzy... Lately though I'm getting worse again with the amount I binge on and the frequency. It's almost every night without fail... Always after nine pm or so. I'm fine, no temptations, during the day, but the evenings it's a whole other ball game. I eat so much and then spend over an hour and a half getting it all back up. I couldnt purge a few times last week and I've put up weight and I'm freaked out. Now I'm desperately trying to get back my control. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep from night time binging? I break every night, no matter what my resolve, and I'm desperate. X
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[27 Nov 2012|11:43pm]
Hi guys,

very new to this kind of thing. But recently, my boyfriend has been making me so insecure about my body. He constantly goes to the gym and is very image conscious.

He likes skinny girls, and I don't feel like one. I'm 60kg at the moment and yeah I know I'm really heavy. :(

Can any shed some light of what I should do? I want to feel good again, and I want to look at myself and not feel disgusted anymore. I hate it when he even looks at me. I feel that he must be repulsed by the fact I'm not skinny enough.

Please help me :(

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[24 Oct 2012|06:15pm]
Hi guys, I'm new to this.. ehm my names Sarah I'm 16, 5"1 and weigh 108lbs.. I've had anorexic tendencies since the start of this year but I wouldn't say I'm anorexic seeing as I'm not skinny, don't miss periods and well a bit of a fail and lately tend to binge.. I was doing well and eating about 500 calories a day (good for me) but have gotten so bad lately it makes me feel sick when I eat or think about what I've eaten and I just feel disgusted with myself so lately I've tried getting sick after dinner, only after dinner coz its my only full meal, but I just can't make myself sick. But today managed to get up some sick, mouthfuls at a time, I just really need help and advice please guys. I've gotten to the point where I hate my body so much I won't even let my boyfriend of eight months touch certain parts of my body or see me with no clothes on.
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[16 Oct 2012|08:50pm]
so this is my first time at this... well, I've been purging for a while now, and I was able to stay at my ideal weight for like 5-6 months, going from purging to fasting. It's sooo bad for me i know! For the last two months, I went back to my normal weight and ate really healthily(no diet, just the normal amounts of each food group everyday). But doing that, I felt like I was restricting myself even more than before... like for me it's all or nothing. I'm at ballet school, and used to be the or one of the thinnest, now i'm just normal. I want to go back to being the thinnest so bad!! And I want to do it as fast as possible. I'm not eating, and if i eat anything i purge myself. And I do about 4-5 hours of ballet, contemporary and/or intense training everyday. How do you think it'll take for me to lose 10-12 pounds if i keep doing that? I'm 119 now and 5'9''. I wanna be around 108-111. God it feels good to let it all out. anyway, please tell me if im doing the right thing to lose weight as fast as possible. Oh and the only thing im allowed to keep in my stomach is coffee(black, or with one splenda), and diet pop. It's so weird how when I start dancing, i feel like my muscles are jellow, i want to eat SO badly and it's hard for me to do any movement, but as the day goes, instead of loosing energy and strenght and feeling even more hungry, I feel totally energized and my hunger goes away progressively.
please read and comment...id love to hear what you think
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hi! [01 Oct 2012|08:53pm]
Hi, my name is lynn. I currently weigh 160- a fat wale, I KNOW!!!! I never really planned on having bulimia.... I never planned on binging like a fat cow on the weekends and then purging 5 to 6 times a day... I never planned on restricting myself to 300 calories a day... I don't want this but I can't stop now!!! I just want to lose the weight!!! I can't control myself anymore. I want to lose the weight healthily but I just can't. I wrap myself in plastic wrap and drink lax. like it is water!!! I can't do this alone anymore! I am going insane! food is all I think about anymore and even thinking about food brings me guilt but I just can't resist it. Then I always find myself back at the pearly white bowl shoving a toothbrush down my throat! I just need someone to understand me. Im sorry if this came out a little harsh...Im just sick of hiding a life from everyone I love and I just had to get this off my chest. If anyone wants to talk.... I am open to listening!
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Pleassssseeeee help me [19 Aug 2012|09:30pm]

Okay, how can I get out of this vicious binging and purging cycle that’s become a habit? Bulimia used to work well for rapid weight loss but after a little over a month this time, I’ve barely noticed a difference. I’m becomming extremely desperate and panicked, especially considering that after battling anorexia to my ultimate 80 pounds and consequently forced to eat, the slightest weight gain sent me into an ’all or nothing’ depression where I gave up completely and resorted to lying in bed for 3 months, waking only to eat binge-quantity amounts many times each day so that I’d be able to fall right back asleep. I finally broke this habit and began purging regularly after the binges I’d practically addicted myself to, and even though in the past bulimia has caused rapid weight loss for me, this time things are moving incredibly slow. Since my terrible decicions have affected my body in an unacceptable way I must start losing this weight a lot quicker. Any tips or advice? Much needed and greatly appreciated!
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might sound stupid but whatever im desperate [11 Aug 2012|01:24am]

[ mood | rejected ]

I am on the verge of becoming bulimic its sad to say but I actually Want to be bulimic I feel so desperate and descusting I used to b skinny then I had twins I absolutely love them but I can't deal with the way I look I just don't know how to make myself throw up and keep Doing it its stupid but its the truth help anyone tips to loose my fat fast I'll do whatever it takes

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:: About Me :: [24 Aug 2009|10:39am]

Hello :)
I'm new here.

I just thought I'd say a quick hello and introduce myself.

I've been suffering with anorexia since I was 8 years old, and bulimia since I was 14. I am now 18 years old and still haven't recovered. I'm trying really hard with my therapist to recover now, but it's really hard.

I used to be an active pro-anorexic/pro-bulimic on LiveJournal on past usernames; but not anymore. It's time for a change. I'm currently at a healthy weight but still want to reduce it to 110 lbs. I have no current intentions of becoming underweight again. I want to stop purging. That's my biggest challenge right now.

I've had 2 years out of gymnastics, one sport I had set my heart on forever, all because of my eating disorders. I'm starting again 5th September 2009, and I can't have my eating get in the way this time, it's time to be healthy. I'm also a dancer, but this is only on a recreational level (just got en pointe last September), whereas my gymnastics has always been at a competitive UK level.

It'd be nice to make some friends here.

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[03 Aug 2009|04:04pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hey, im jessica. i'm 15years old, and i live in the united kingdom. i've had a concoction of different eating disorders for over 3years. atm im around 144lbs and i'd like to be 99lbs really. i'll do everything and anything. ive been in a community that isn't allowed to share tips or anything of the sort.. it didn't really help, not sure if this community is allowed? hopefully :)
so yeah, i'm starting a fast tomorrow, probs for about 48hours. im starting my exercise regime today, which i'll be doing everyday. i have dreams of being a neurosurgeon, and quite possibly a model, but that wont be happening for a while. :\ so that's me in a nutshell. pm me/add me if you want to chat and share tips and advice. LOVE(L)

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Lost...? [03 Aug 2009|07:33am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey All name’s Brit(would put my real name but it’s one of those that I’d be lucky to meet another on this planet with the same name sometime before I died names that if you google you’re the only one that comes up but it’s as close as you can get to it sorry I’m rambling) I’m 18 not the oldest but not the youngest either thank goodness. Over the last few months I’ve gained Bulmic tendencies(I eat then purge but not like full blown binging just whatever I put in my mouth then purge). I know I’m fat 175 and I’m 5’6. I guess I just want someone to talk to so that I can find out what the heck is going on with me. I think I’m lost. What I mean is do I have Bulimia or what. Any help would be appreciated. ~sigh

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new here [06 Jun 2009|03:43pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey! my name is camilla and i have been bulimic for 6 years and have been in treatment twice... i am at the point where i gained sooo much, my food obsessed mind is in over drive... i have done good "or atleast my nutritionist thinks so" for the past week... although it is proof that not engaging in my ed casues me to lose weight, my head wont accept it, it tells me that mia is the only way... purging also has another effect on me... along with cutting, the purging gives me a releif, even a high at times...


just looking for supposrt, any kind...

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[04 Nov 2008|07:02pm]

I'm new to livejournal also.
I'm an ana/bulimic.
I'm excited to be here, excited to share my journey,  tips, tricks, and success!
xoxo. Stay Strong.
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nouveu. [04 Nov 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I am new and I would like to share my journey with people who cannot judge me.

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An introduction [17 Jul 2007|06:11pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Hi all I just joined and toughted to say hello..

So I'm a 17 years old female. I've had ED for about 1½ year now. It started as ortorexia, then moved to anorexia and now into bulimia. I'm 5'4 ft tall and weight 116lb. I'm thinking about losing some because I've gained so much in a short time. That makes me feel really depressed and sometimes even suicidal.

I haven't told anyone about my disease. My family doesn't know and they'd just freak out if I'd tell them.

I joined because I have a goal: to be able to eat normally until the end of summer when school starts. I hope I have lost a few by then, I don't know how I could go back like this..

So nice to meet you all, I'll be posting

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[10 Dec 2006|04:47pm]


Hey everyone!
I couldn't help notice that most of the entries for awhile were introductions so I though that I would break that chain.
I have not purged for a week in an attempt to make my boyfriend happy.
I was an idiot and told him about my ED.
But I will do what I do with everyone else.
Which is wait awhile and then tell them that I have quit cold turkey.
I hate lying, especially to those I love.
But I don't know what else to do sometimes.

I think I am going to start fasting more, its been awhile and I know its more of an ana thing, but oh well.
I hope everyone is doing well.


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[06 Dec 2006|10:59pm]

Hello, my name is Melissa. I struggle from both Bulimia and Anorexia, mainly Bulimia, but I have Anorexic tendencies.

I have been like this for many years, and have many health complications because of it.

I feel like coming online is one of my only places for support. That’s why I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this community.

I post a lot in my journal, in fact several times daily. I also respond to almost every entry that my friends make. If anyone is interested in adding me to their journal, please do so (however, please leave a message about where you found me). I’d love to make some new friends.
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[25 Nov 2006|11:00am]

Hey everyone! My name is Abby and I am 17 years old. I have had bulimia for 8 years, I started at a pretty young age. I have lost pretty much most of my stomach lining, but who needs that anyways? I am 5'6 and a fat 125 lbs. I will practically anything to lose weight. 
I look foward to meeting new people and helping you guys out with any issues!!!
think thin!
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[13 Nov 2006|02:06am]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi everyone Im Melissa, Im 13 yes im a yougin of the group but I really dont know what to do. Ive recently started being bulimic about 3 months ago? I dont think im fat but ive always felt a fear of becoming fat and felt i could shed off more pounds. The whole weight issue probably started in 4th grade when i moved to ohio and since then everyone has called anorexic or bulimic and now i think theyve said it so much to me im starting to become bulimic. im 5"2 and 90 pounds it dosnt look like alot but i feel like a cow. Its hard for me to purge though at time cause im afraid someone will catch or i just cant do. I dont know, i feel like an outcast so i came here hoping someone can give some tips/advice or tell there feelings on this and no mean comments please

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